Saturday, August 4, 2007
Tagged Twice
Like clockwork the baby wakes up at 4am and I can't go back to sleep, so what do I do, 2 tags.

Tag #1

I was tagged by Angel Mama @ Pearls of Wisdom a while back to list 5 reasons why "I Love Jesus!" of course there are so many, but here are the 5 I chose:

  1. I love Jesus because He is my Heavenly Father, my Lord and Savior!
  2. I love Jesus because He blessed me with a loving patient husband and 7 creative and wonderful children.
  3. I love Jesus for the beautiful creation He made, I don't think I really ever appreciated it as I do now.
  4. I love Jesus, because He is loving and forgiving.
  5. I love Jesus because he's always surprising me with new blessing when I least expect it.

Tag #2

Momma Roar tagged me with a creative new meme started by Jen @ Pen of Jen. You have to write 8 of your blog friends names in a unique way and post them. You must write the blogger's name that tagged you, then add 7 others. Be creative and if possible use the natural wonders of the world!

Because this was so much fun, I did Jennifer's name too. Thanks for the fun!

@ Greek Roots in American Soil

(my cyber sister) @ Homeschooling in Illinois

@ Blue Eyed Babies

@ Heidi Jo What do You Know

@ Sting My Heart

@ 2nd Cup of Coffee

Are you lovin' my Clarks or what!

(you can click to enlarge the image)

I know some of you have already done the "5 Reasons Why I Love Jesus" tag, but if you haven't, consider yourself tagged.

I'm gonna try to go back to sleep now, g'night!



Blogger Linda said...

How am I supposed to not respond to this???? SO Funny! Ok--as soon as I get back, I'll try this.

Blogger Momma Roar said...

Had to come out of hiding for this one (since it does involve me!!) So very clever Amber my dear! You are very creative - and I'm glad you didn't cheat, lol!!! ;)

Wonderful job!!

Blogger Amber said...

I couldn't cheat, this is such an awesome tag and I had to try and stick with the natural theme. Coins are metal and metals come from the earth, yes no? Thanks for tagging me:)

Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Oh Amber what a cute choice for your names. It was so sweet of you to include Jennifer!!! Everyone should since she started this wonderful challenge. I'm so glad you took the challenge and played along.

Blogger jennifer said...

Amber -Thank you for including me:)
I love the seems that is how we are living lately..LOL

I also love the five about Jesus..

I will only say one because I think it covers all the rest...I am so thankful that Jesus paid for my sins. Little old unworthy, so much a wretched sinner, yet He suffered, He bled, and He died. I still am unworthy, but ever so grateful.

Thanks for the tag, I will begin again! So many blog friends so little time:)

Blogger Short Stop said...

Amber, these are GREAT. What a creative idea!!

Anonymous Jacque said...

Cute idea.
I sure do miss you now that you're over here.... I need to get you on my sidebar!
I do love your new place, though - it's pur-ty!


Blogger eph2810 said...

Thank indeed is a cute and creative tag. Have not seen this one before. I try to do it next week...

Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Blessings on your weekend and always.

Anonymous michelle said...

Oh, whoa! That is too clever. What am I going to do!! Doughnuts?? My imagination will be stretched, but it will be fun!

That was really cute and creative.
Blessings Lori

Blogger Tracy said...

This was really creative, Amber!

Blogger jennifer said...

Ok Amber , I finished my names, thank you for tagging me! Hope that you like what I have done this time!!


Blogger 3boyz said...

You were very creative witht he names! I am so glad that I have not been tagged lately. You all can just keep the tagging away from me! : -)

Blogger Lori said...

Very clever. I was already tagged and need to post my names sometime soon too.

I love that reason's I love Jesus tag.

Blogger diana said...

very clever, you are. i've been tagged so i've been sitting here for a while tring to think of some way of spelling out people's names. maybe my brain hasn't woke up yet because i haven't come up with anything. but i will. i have to.

anyways, i like your creations. i love your love for Jesus. and i am blessed by your words and friendship.

Blogger Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Cute the names!

Blogger Highday said...

How cute! Thanks for including me. I can't believe how creative you are!!

Blogger nickernoodle said...

Very cute! I have been tagged too and am still trying to think of something!

Blogger Melissa Markham said...

I love the way you did the second tag. Hope you got some sleep to make up for what you missed! BTW, have you thought about setting up your RSS feed for your blog so that I can keep up with you better?

Blogger MorningSong said...

Great use of coins! :) I am still working on mine!

4 AM?? How do you make it through the day with that disruption?? If I blogged when I woke with the kids - I would NEVER fall back to sleep. No matter how tired I am, falling to sleep is my biggest battle!

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