Friday, July 20, 2007
Pondering the Thought...
As I sip my second cup of coffee today, I wonder....

What IF there was NO MORE COFFEE?!

...and a little something for Leigh Ann



Blogger Tarrah said...

I would not know what to do :)

and btw, Satsuma is one of my favorites also, and when you add the body scrub, body wash, and even a satsuma home fragrence, it's like your in Satsuma heaven :). I'd be happy to order something if you ever need any more and don't want to drive that far.

Blogger Momma Roar said...

OH the HORROR - oh wait, I don't drink coffee! Can you switch to Pepsi? Oh wait - you might start pondering what if there were no Pepsi...and then I would be horrified - I think Pepsi runs through my veins!

LOL, you're funny - how can you possibly be raising 7 children and have time for a second cup of coffee? By the way, have you ever shown any pictures of your lil' blessings?

Our cups would be empty and that would be oh so sad.

Blogger Momma Roar said...

Ha ha ha - you're great!! Have I told you that lately?

Bless This Chick graphics

Have fun creating!!!!

Blogger Just Mom said...

Don't even think such things, woman! ;-D

Love the graphic for Leigh Ann.

Blogger diana said...

mine would be coca-cola (coke!) don't know what i'd do without that.

thanks for your comments today. you're so funny. and it made my day.

Blogger Lori B said...

I ditto that. That would be awful.
I love my cappuccinos or chai tea everyday.

Blogger Susanne said...

No more coffee? Be still my heart!

Blogger Lori B said...

Love the music on your site. I've just been listening to a few of the songs. Those are some of my favorite songs too.

Blogger wood7 said...

Ha! That is a similar cup. Yup - coffee in the morning, Diet Pepsi or Coke in the afternoon.

Blogger MorningSong said...

No coffee for me - I choose COKE (it is the real thing, not like that yucky pepsi stuff Leigh Ann fills her veins with)! Or I also find a cup of iced tea is a great pick me up!! :)

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