Friday, July 13, 2007
Reflection Award

Angel Mama has honored me with the Reflection Award. It feels like an honor to receive this award, to know that I have touched someones heart. Thank you Angel Mama, you have touched my heart as well.

As some of you may know I have not been at Blogger long, but there have been many blogs that I've come across that I have enjoyed reading and although you are supposed to give this award to 5 people, I couldn't help but including a few more. So, I would like to giving this award to:

Alycia @ Where My Treasures Are. I know she's already received this, but I have to honor her with it again. She is a BEAUTIFUL MOTHER who appreciates all that the LORD gives her and her LOVE still shines with God's Prefect Plan. She touched my heart and many others last week with her tribute to her daughter Hannah Grace. Happy Birthday Hannah! I want to thank her for the courage it took her to share those personal moments in her life. I know she is someone who will continue to reach out and touch others' hearts as she did mine.

Leigh Ann @ Living to Learn & Learning to Live - I love that title by the way, She truly understands the meaning, "It is better to give than to receive." For 10 days she gave gifts away in honor of her birthday. She wanted to celebrate and share her happiness with others that the Lord has placed her on this earth for 32 years. What a WONDERFUL woman she is and I'm sure all of you out there can agree.

~Ginger @ Just a Thought is a very INSPIRING mother and woman. I especially enjoy reading her entries about her BEAUTIFUL daughters & the close relationship she has with them! I believe she has a close relationship with her daughters because, she has a close relationship with CHRIST and her FAITH in HIM is STRONG! I pray that I can give my children the love that the LORD wants me to give them so that when my children are grown, I can share the same loving relationship Ginger shares with her children.

Misty @ Adventuring with 3 Boyz has gone through some physical and spirital trials lately. She has been looking at her family from the outside for the last couple of weeks. And through it all, she is still looking above to her HEAVENLY FATHER for help. I believe her faith and endurance will heal her physically. God Bless you Misty!

Lori @ Bloggin' with Lori B is a KIND-HEARTED mother and wife. She is also a very ENCOURAGING and UPLIFTING woman. With each and every one of her comments I read, whether it be on my blog or someone else's, she puts a smile on my face. I really thinks that the LORD uses her to shine some light and happiness in each of our days. Thank you Lori for all your comments and congratulations on the Bloggy Hoss Award!

Diana @ Sunshine on My Shoulders is a SWEET woman and mother who SPIRIT definitely SHINES! Not only does her sweet spirit shine, but she is very insightful too. She graciously shared with me her insightfulness (I don't know if that's a word) with me in my previous post, Patience. The comment she wrote made me cry, and made me realize that I'm being the best mother I can be. So in return I wanted to give her this reward.

Another SWEET woman who enlighten me on the same post was MorningSong, She has 2 PRECIOUS children and is seeking to raise them in the way of the LORD. In a lot of ways I feel like we go through similar trials with our children when I read her posts. Although I don't know her that well, but she portrays to be a sincere women who LOVES and GLORIFIES our LORD! And because of this, I believe He delivered her to my blog yesterday. Thank you MorningSong for enlightening me too, your comment also made me shed some tears.

I also want to give this award not to just one person, but a family that has Blessed me, the Dixon Family. I have had the honor on more than one occasion to speak with this family on the phone and through Instant Messaging many times. They are a joy to talk to. Jacque Dixon is a Christian homeschool mother of 8. Her LOVE is FAITHFUL to the LORD and she has successfully reflected that love through her 8 LOVING C H I L D R E N! If you read their blogs, you see the WISDOM that the LORD has Blessed them with at a young age. I believe their wisdom will continue to grow with their faith.

Jacque, you've done a GREAT JOB!

Thank you again Angel Mama for this award and thank you Jocelyn for starting to spread the Reflection Award throughout Blogland! It has been a Blessing!



Blogger Jacque Dixon said...

You are quite something. Thank you so much for your wonderful, sweet words. I can only give thanks to Almighty God that He saw fit to bring you into my life.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I guess when Jocelyn made up this award to bless bloggers with, I never really thought of having it given to me. You are such a special friend, Amber. You certainly deserved this award. You are very gracious, and I love you lots.
Thank you for all the wonderful golden words you have spoken about our family. May you be blessed.
Jocelyn, Amanda and Rachel will be so excited to receive this from you.
Kiss those babes for me!
(hugs) and blessings!

Blogger Alycia said...

Dear Amber, Thank you so much for this award. It is such a blessing to me and just like a blogging (((hug))) through the computer :) Your kind words touched my heart and I am thankful that my posts have touched you in a special way.

Congratulations on your own Reflection award. You are most deserving and so gracious. May God continue to bless you and your family. Thank you again so very much!


Blogger Momma Roar said...

Amber - you are such a sweet soul. Congratulations on your award and thank you for passing it along to me. Thank you for your sweet words. I've enjoyed getting to know you and I look forward to our friendship continuing to grow.

I LOVE all your other award recipients too - Well done!!

Blogger Lori B said...

Thank you so much for giving me this award. I'm so touched and honored.
Thanks for all of the kind words you said about me. That brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much.

Congratulations on your Reflective blogger award too. You so deserve it. You are such a kind hearted, sweet, and caring person. You and your blog have been such a blessing to me too.

Hugs, Lori

Blogger ~Ginger said...

What an honor for you to pass this award on to me. Your words written about me were very kind and heart felt.

I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to many more returns as I get to know you better. I hope you continue to come read my posts and just have some fun as well as learn about me and my daily doings.

God bless you and your family.

Blogger MorningSong said...

Thank you Amber! What a gift for you to say such kind things about me! I am thankful I could encourage you, but I was only able to do so because of those who poured the same into me! (You returned the favor of tears by the way! Some of the ladies you awarded are strangers to me but I want to know them now b/c of your reflection on them!) It is nice to find a kindred spirit, and that is what I sense from you! We are not alone ever - our God is ALWAYS with us! It is a bonus that he gives us fellow Mom's to learn from and to encourage us!

You are a light and I know one day, your children WILL rise up and call you blessed! Much blessing to you and your family!

Blogger Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Amber,

What a beautiful post . I love all that your have honored they are such wonderful ladies. You very much deserve. I will be in touch as I have something I think you will like and be interested in.

In his endless love,

Angel ():)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amber --

You are so sweet!! Thanks for passing the award onto me and for your sweet words. They were such a blessing to me.

Congrats on the award -- you deserve it! You are so sweet and your faith comes shining through everything that you do. ((HUGS))


Blogger diana said...

congratulations to you for being given the reflection award. i think you are very deserving of it.

and thank you for thinking of me. i am honored and flattered. i love the blogging world. not only is it a place where i can write what i feel, but i have met so many wonderful women.

i have enjoyed getting to know you and sharing thoughts, opinions, and experiences. it's been fun and let's keep it going ;)

thanks again.

Hi there,

I am glad you visited. Life is full and busy. I am still unpacking. Even at this very moment. lol I hope to catch up with you real soon. How is the new place and family?

God Bless my SSiC
In Him<><

Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Hi Amber - I received the great gift certificate prize you awarded me. Thank you ever so much!!!!

Blogger diana said...

hi amber,

i posted a response to the reflection award. i just wanted to let you know how deeply honored i am that you thought of me and i hope i don't offend you by my response. just wanted you to know that.

Blogger Din said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. You have a pleasent way to express yourself...

I hope you will find the time to see my blog too :)

Anonymous SuperAngel said...

My dad did read my post, so he does know my feelings. He actually did know my feelings before. I am blessed with a father who is here for me.
I am sorry you didn't have an earthly father, cause I think that is really important in a girls life, but you did have the BEST father of all instead.
Thank you so much for your comment. It really meant alot.
Thank you so much for giving me the Blogger Reflection award. I will put you on my sidebar by the graphic along with the other long list of people who have given it to me.
As Always...
!!SUPERANGEL!! !!Amanda!!

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