Saturday, June 30, 2007
A Winner and an Award
I have two announcements to make. The first is, leendaluu is the winner of the Summer Fun Love-Me-Knots Contest. Her guesses were Rainbow Sherbet and Fireworks, my DD chose *Rainbow Sherbet* and Sunrise.

Now, the second thing is Momma Roar has awarded with this

thank you! Although to be honest, the only thing I've been rockin' is my rocking chair. Now it's time to pass the torch to 5 Rockin' Girl Bloggers.
  1. Marsha @ Our Homeschool and Other Such Happenings
  2. Chickadee @ A Familiar Path
  3. Amber Kay @ Confessions of Mine
  4. Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home
  5. Meredith @ Sweetness and Light
I chose Marsha and Chickadee because they are two of my first Rockin' blogging friends and they are such a blessing to know!

I chose Amber Kay because she's got a Rockin' name!

I chose Dawn because she is a Rockin' designer!

I chose Meredith because she's got a Rockin' blog with wonderful homeschool resources, plus she's full of sweetness!

Well, that's all for now and thanks again Momma Roar.



Blogger Momma Roar said...

You rock on girl!!

Blogger chickadee said...

wow thanks!

Anonymous Marsha said...

Awww, Amber... THANK YOU!!!

Although I'm with you, a rocking chair (glider kind b/c the old-fashioned hurts my back) is about as rockin' as I get IRL. :-)

Anonymous Mommy Dearest said...

I gratefully accept the award as a rockin' designer, because I'm certainly not a rockin' blogger at the moment! :-)

Blogger Mary said...

Oh...I just found your blog today. So sad I missed the contest - those bows are BEAUTIFUL!

I enjoyed "meeting" you - I'll pop in again!

Blogger 文章 said...

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