Monday, June 18, 2007
The Icing on the Cake
Yesterday for Father's Day I attempted to make a Father's Day cake. Usually I grease the cake pans and then line them with parchment paper, but we were out of parchment paper, so I tried wax paper instead...HUGE MISTAKE! When I tried to remove the cake from the cake pans, they split and crumbled.

Trying not to get discouraged, I started to making the icing. V (my 2yo DS) comes in the kitchen eager to help.

V: "Mommy, can I help you mix?"

Me: "Sure Sweetie!"

So, we take turns mixing the icing until it was time to frost the cake.

V: "Mommy, can I help dec'rate the cake?"

Me: "Oh Sweetheart, let Mommy do it PLEASE. After I'm done you can put the sprinkles on though."

V: "K Mommy!"

Under better circumstances I would have let him help, but instead he just sat watching me patiently while I was literally patching the cakes together and I wasn't very successful.

Anyway, I was done! Of course there was icing all over my fingers. As I approach the sink to wash my icing filled hands, I take a quick lick before turning on the water.

That was it, V stood on the chair reaching for the almost empty icing bowl, looking at me with his smiling bright eyes nodding his head and then said, "Mommy can I help you lick the bowl?!"

I was tickled pink, "Mommy can I help lick the bowl?" so of course I OKed it, which was another mistake. Somehow it seemed like he was licking non-stop, but I knew there was hardly anything in the bowl.

Well, as patient as he was waiting while I frosted the cake and as cute as it was asking if he could help lick the bowl (which btw, I wasn't licking) the licking must come to an end!

Me: (gently tried to tug the bowl away) "Alright Sweetie, that's enough."

V: (nodding his head yes and tugging back) "Mommy, can I help you lick the bowl?"

Me: (still tugging at the bowl) "Mommy is done, you don't need to lick the bowl anymore."

V: (nodding head and tugging) "Mommy, can I help you lick the bowl?"

Me: (one last gentle tug) "No, no more licking the bowl, we're done."

V: (releasing the bowl) "OK Mommy, thank you for letting me help you lick the bowl."

Our tug of war match was over and it was time to serve the most embarrassing looking Father's Day cake ever. I must admit though, it looked awful, but it tasted great, especially the icing on the cake.

I hope you all had a Blessed Father's Day!



Blogger Just Mom said...

I'm sure that cake was simply delicious, and your hard work was appreciated.

Love the look of your blog, by the way.

What a sweet story - I can certainly relate to lots of (too much!) help in the kitchen!

Blogger Heidi Jo said...

thank you for stopping in to hjwdyk...always welcome.

i think a picture of that cake is in order! ;-) i can't tell you how many cakes i've 'glued' together with frosting in my over eager attempts to get them out of the pan to soon.

cute story.

Blogger Amanda said...

Hi Amber! Thanks for the comment the other day!

I love this story! Your kids sound wonderful!

Hi! Thank you for the comment on my blog. Your blog is soooo pretty, I look forward to checking it out and getting to know you and your family.
Blessings Lori

Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Loved this story. I'll bet this cake and experience will be remembered long after a lot of "perfect cakes" are forgotten.

Anonymous Jacque Dixon said...

Hey girlie-
LOVE the new blog! Though I will miss you at hsb.
I cannot believe you have been blogging here , and I didn't know it. Silly me!
Great story!
Also VERY happy you are all well, and you can give the Little Sweetie kisses again!
Give him one for me!
love, J

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