Tuesday, May 22, 2007
My New Blog Home
I've been pondering for a month whether I should come over here. My HSB blog has been giving some problems so I'll attempt to blog here when time allows.

For those of you that don't know me...which is probably most of you, let me introduce myself.
My name is Amber, I'm a homeschool mother - going on 6 years this fall. I just moved to North Carolina in February and just became a mother of seven a little over a week ago.

Now, since you are slightly up to speed, I'll post the same thing here that I just posted at my other blog:

With my PRECIOUS NEW BLESSING, things are UPSIDE DOWN....well, not really, but a little behind maybe, (coughing) - especially school. I'm not planning to rush back into it or anything, but I feel I'm WAY behind, and considering I was slightly behind before we moved I'm trying not to go into panic mode.

I know all I need to do is "Trust in the Lord" and He will give me the understanding of what I need to do. I also know that the Lord also wants us to ask for help when we need it. So, I'm asking, if any of you ladies have any advice for me I'd greatly appreciate it.

In return here's a little ditty you can listen to and I think the video is SO cute. Enjoy!



Blogger KarenW said...

Welcome to Blogger! So glad to hear from you and congratulations on your newest blessing. Is it a boy or girl?

As far as homeschooling goes, we are behind too. I try not to panic and remind myself that we do not have to be on the public school calendar. Life happens. My best advice is to cling to the Lord, keep reading His Word and as you have already said, trust Him.

Just to let you know, your video doesn't show up on my computer and neither do your newer entires on HSB. The most recent one is from January.

Blogger chickadee said...

hi! i'm sure things will get back to "normal" soon. though i have never had 7 kids so what do i know.

we love artistic pursuits. it's really helpful if you can order all your supplies at one time too. we ordered from dick blick.


Blogger jammiemom said...

Hi Amber,
May God bless your days in your new place, with your new baby, and your new blog :)
(the heartmatters blog Jen)

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