Friday, September 14, 2007
I had a WONDERFUL Birthday, Thanks!
I don't have much time now, but I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday. I have a few things I'd like to share with you all. I hope tonight to stop by some blogs. Since school has started (which is going pretty well btw), I haven't been reading and commenting like I'd like to...speaking of school, I better hurry back. After school, I plan on dueling hubby at a game of pool Wii style! We're both semi-competitive ;)

In the meantime, go check out my "Go Figure" post @ MTM!

Go Figure @ Multi-Tasking Moms



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you had a GREAT bday and 'break a leg' on your competition!!! FUN...

Blogger Gayle said...

Hi Amber! So glad that school is going well for you so far. Things are going well here too, but my computer time is severely limited, as well. Hope you won the pool game!

Blogger Alycia said...

Happy belated Birthday Amber!! My computer time is limited too so I was happy to catch up with some blogs tonight. Blessings!

Blogger Short Stop said...

I've been meaning to tell you...Snow White reminded me of you over at my blog!! :) LOL!! :)

Blogger Lori said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday.

Good luck with the homeschooling.

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